Blog SEO Tips: Using Keywords for Blog Optimization

One of the most basic, yet highly effective things you need to consider when doing blog optimization is using keywords to indicate search engine spiders what your posts are about. The more relevant to the page’s content, the better the search engine ranking.

keyword optimizationKeyword optimization is part of on-page SEO, which means that it is a part of the optimization you’ll make on your blog’s code.

What you should know right from the start is that keywords can give your blog posts a boost in rankings or get your blog out of the first and most important search results. It all comes down to how well you’re using them and how relevant they are to your content.

Rules of keyword optimization

Since you’re reading this, I have no doubt that you understand how important well-researched keywords are and that you’re willing to make better use of them. These are some of the most important things you need to consider:

Things to do

  • Consider using keywords relevant to your article;
  • If the keywords are somehow related to each other, that’s a plus (for example: internet marketing, online marketing, search engine marketing);
  • Use different keywords for different blog posts. In most cases, search engines will return two results from you blog at most, so having five or six posts optimized for the same set of keywords would be a waste of content;
  • Write your article first, but with the right keywords in mind, not the other way around;
  • Use your most important keyword(s) in the title tag. If you’re using a SEO plugin, you can set a different page title than that of your blog post;
  • Use those keywords in the META description too;
  • Use the keywords in the title of your blog post and preferably in the first phrase or paragraph of your article;
  • Edit the post slug (permalink) so that it contains the most important keyword and also try to keep it as short as possible;
  • Place the keyword(s) a few more times (don’t overdo it) throughout the article in a humanly natural order and context;
  • If there are other older relevant posts on your blog, try to create backlinks from them using the selected keywords as anchor text (same goes for external incoming links).

Things to avoid

  • Don’t target too many keywords. Use as many keywords as you feel that are relevant to your content which means they are present on the page and have value to a visitor. A list of 50 keywords means that most probably at least 40 of them are almost totally irrelevant;
  • Don’t use irrelevant keywords. If your post is about NASA’s recent trip to Mars, I don’t know how Demi Moore or Vi*gra would fit in the picture;
  • Using text formatting on some keywords in your content is OK. Bolding everything out is not;
  • Avoid duplicating keywords in your META tags;
  • Placing a list of comma separated keywords in your title tag and META description is a big NO. Write something natural and appealing to humans;
  • Avoid keyword stuffing. Don’t fill your blog post with keywords only to increase the keyword density. It is unnatural, provides a negative user experience and will probably get you penalized by search engines.


Some say that keywords don’t really matter when it comes to search engine rankings, and since everyone is entitled to an opinion, I will disagree with that. Same people say that their blogs or websites rank high even if they neglected keyword optimization. That is true, but I’d like to see how well they perform when they’ll be competing with a well optimized blog or website when similar factors are on the table, like: almost same age (possibly younger), number of indexed pages, number of backlinks etc.

Keyword optimization is part of a much bigger and complex process. Acting blind in front of it is like sticking your head in the sand, hoping that if you don’t see anyone, nobody will see you.

How Social Bookmarking Helps You To Improve Traffic

As you know, many of us know what social bookmarking is and how to use it for improving traffic for your website. But who don’t believe that, social bookmarking can’t bring traffic in the fastest way, it’s necessary for them to know the way it works. As there are many other ways to improve traffic online but social bookmarking is the fastest and easiest amongst them which is really hard to believe.


social bookmarkingSocial Bookmarking is actually saving an online content you like not only to share it with other but also you will be able to get it easily when you need to use it in the future. Social bookmarking sites make it easier for you to share, organize and manage the bookmarks. Once you get registered in one of the social bookmarking website, you will be able to share your favorite content amongst millions of internet users online. But you can also save them as private bookmarks if you do not intend to share it.

When you do social bookmarking, people will be able to search for it with the help of keywords which makes searching for articles or contents easier via social bookmarking. And you can also check other users “social bookmarking” which they posted to promote their favorite websites and might something useful for you!
“Social bookmarking” organizes and categorizes the information in a nice way that it becomes easier to find exactly for what you are looking for. So it helps the website owners to promote their website via social bookmarking. And when you do social bookmarking, a back link is also created with it. And users will start to create keywords and tags for those links and this process is known as “Folksonomy”. When keywords are created, it helps Search Engine Optimization and link building process.

Search Engine Optimization and Link Building is the best way to get higher ranking in search indexes. And you can’t find any other way as fast as social bookmarking to do this job for you. Social bookmarking on various sites the most effective way which will bring you a one way traffic and in this way, you will get to see the usefulness of social bookmarking. Popular search engines will show your page according to your page ranking. The more SEO and link building is done for your site, the more people gets your site by searching for something related to your website.

When millions of users will be able to read your articles and also share it with their loved once via social bookmarking with just one single click than why your traffic won’t improve? It will improve for sure! When your website will be found on popular search engines and blogs easily, you will get clients in a wink! That’s what social bookmarking does! If you still don’t believe on social bookmarking, why don’t you check it for yourself? I think you will be completely satisfied after you do social bookmarking by yourself!

Optimal Linking for SEO: 10 Useful Tips for New blog

There are 10 very useful tips on links and linking architecture for anyone with an interest in SEO, and if you’re involved in marketing of any kind over the Internet, then that’s you.

Optimal Linking for SEOThink About Who Links to You

You’ll already know the value of reputation when it comes to marketing your product or service. If sites that are associated with good quality products are clearly seen by users and search engines to link to your own then this will reflect well on you. Pay close attention to the number of .com and sites that link to you, for example, and think carefully about ways in which you can encourage others to do likewise.

Think About Who You Link to

The same rules as before. Linking to good quality sites reflects well on your own. Keep up to date with innovations and developments and stay relevant with fresh links on your pages. Try to develop a balanced portfolio of links on your site.

Avoid Broken Links

As part of ongoing site maintenance for SEO you should be aware of any links that are no longer in use and remove them from your site.

Think About Relevance

This is very important. Link to sites with a clear relevance to your own only. Search engines pay special attention to this, as do users, and every irrelevant link on your page is detrimental.

Internal Links

Think about internal links and whether your site is user friendly. Make the most of internal links and get some advice from SEO experts about ways to link internally that will benefit your site’s ranking.


Think about linking back to homepage and site maps. Make your site as easily navigable as possible. This will encourage users and benefit your site as search engines see these links when they probe it. A map is a useful way to introduce internal links and make the site easier to get around.

Link Building

Think about the use of exact match terms for link building. Build links using exactly matching anchor text. Remember though, don’t get carried away – an excess use of keywords can be as bad as a lack. Using terms you want to rank for and that summarise the topic referred to, in moderation, can strengthen the ratings of your site by search engines. Find a balance and use your senses. If you feel that you’ve gone overboard with repeated words or phrases in your internal links then you probably have.

Avoid Cloaking

Search engines are increasingly sophisticated at detecting ‘black hat’ or unscrupulous SEO techniques. While it may be tempting to improve your popularity on the net by attracting unwitting visitors to your site, be aware that techniques that accomplish this can get you into trouble. Users and search engines are alike in their approach to cloaking – they don’t accept or tolerate it. Stay within the boundaries to avoid problems.

Look at Where Your Competitors Link

This is legal and it can give you an advantage or at least level the playing field somewhat when it comes to links. Go to Yahoo and type in link: to get access to useful tools for viewing your competition’s linking activity. Remember that knowledge is power.


Have a solid strategy for linking to, from and within your site. Think before you link and use every intelligent strategy at your disposal. Getting advice from website optimization specialists can really help.

To conclude, it’s hoped that some important considerations about link building were highlighted for you here in our list. Some areas were only touched upon, and in an environment such as computing where change is a constant, it pays to stay abreast of developments. Remember that if you’re short on time, search engine optimisation specialists are available for SEO and improving your ranking and your profits.

Blog tips – Increase traffic to your website

These following steps are so much easy to do and its all are free off cost by which you can generate daily thousands of visitors on your website or blog. There are some blog tips and tricks, please read it very carefully and apply it on your blog

increase traffic up


Daily do social bookmarking of website or blogger, this step is very necessary for make your website or bloger high traffic.

For doing automatic social visit: , sign up an account in it then add all social networks which are present in it, then come on main page of DashBord you see a box on this page give your post title then give post URL and then click on ping it, After doing this your post is automatically bookmarked in all social networks.


Add your website or blog URL in top search engines.

For adding your website or bloger link visit: then click on free submission after that type in this your website or bloger title name then type URL then type your contact info. And then click on next, after doing these step your website or bloger URL add in different top search engines.


ARTICLE SUBMISSION, for submit of article visit:

Sign up an account then login it. Click on option of publish article and which article you post on your website or blogs submit that article in it.



First you can create a blank link partner page on your website or bloger then upload this page in your web directory, after uploading add URL of this page on your website or bloger main page by name of link partner page, then create an account in this website and add your website’s or blog’s information in it. After that add step by step all given links on your link partner page of website.


Free Advertisemet

For free Advertisements you use free classified sites. Its has two big benefits.

  • As much your Classified enteries that much build your site or blogs Back Links. Search Engine most like that Website which has a lot Back-  Links, as how your website make Traffic from Search Engines.
  • You also get the big opportunity by the Classified ad placing; these classified sites also give you large number of Visitors.

I am quite sure you will understand all these steps very easily and carefully.

Most Important:

  • Daily publish your blog  post atleast 10 Article Submission sites.
  • Daily paste your Site Ads minimum 30 different free classified sites.

Do these steps continue one month I am quite sure about that your site becomes a High Traffic site.

SEO Top Analytics Tools – Blog Tips

If you are serious about your online business, you continuously need to monitor not only your progress but also keep track of your rivals. For that you need to use SEO Analytical Tools which are readily available online.

We’ve worked with these tools, It’s can help analyze and gain a better understanding of your site’s traffic. Some of the good analytical tools are:

Google Analytics

Google AnalyticsThis is one of the most popular tools available for analyzing the website traffic. It’s quite easy to use and provides great flexibly. It provides details about search traffic, referral traffic, upcoming trends and many more such facilities. You just need a Gmail account to use it.

Website Grader

website graderWebsite grader is a very good online tool available for free. With this you can be sure of an in-depth analysis of how well your website is faring in terms of SEO, traffic and popularity. It also suggests some ‘things to do’ to improve your performance.

Site Meter

sitemeterThe best thing about SiteMeter is that it provides you with real time tracking and instant access to vital information and data about your sites audience.

WEB Trends

webtrendsWebTrends enables you to provide your visitors with the most engaging experience possible. Measure and test all aspects of the online experience from marketing to site content and usability—all of which increase visitor engagement and conversion rates. With functional reporting for each department, from marketing to merchandising to business analysis, you can answer the questions that are most important to the overall business as well as each department.

Yahoo! Web Analysis

yahoo web analyticsThis analysis tool provided by Yahoo is actually in collaboration with IndexTools. It helps you to map how a visitor reaches your site and how he explores your website. It also provides tips with respect to page content, keywords and ads which will help in bringing more traffic to your site.


semrushThis site helps you in your keyword research. It lists down Google keywords and Adword keywords for any website. It helps to determine the best keywords for your website as well as finds your online competitors.


mtrackingMtracking’s ASP web analysis service gives accurate real time reports on the marketing performance of your web site, e-marketing and online campaigns.


quarkbaseThis site also offers some great details about your website as well as your competitors. You can get an analysis on the kind of traffic coming to a website, popularity etc from this tool.

Stat Counter

statcounterStatCounter is a free yet reliable invisible web tracker, highly configurable hit counter and real-time detailed web stats. Insert a simple piece of our code on your web page or blog and you will be able to analyze and monitor all the visitors to your website in real-time.

Why Blogging is the New Internet Marketing Tool

Blogging used to be a way to comment an existing webpage, an opportunity for visitors and readers to react or voice out one’s opinion on the said page. What started as a single-sentence commentary has evolved into pages of personal take on just about anything and everything under the sun. As it continues to move forward, online advertising has tapped into the blog’s potential.

blog internet marketingHere are “5 reasons why you should use blogging as an Internet marketing tool.

Blogging is simple.

The simplest way to get your piece on the net is through blogging. No skills are necessary… an average adult can read and type, or at least click a mouse. It’s like having a virtual piece of paper and you just write your ideas, experiences, new products, and hope that the truth behind your articles comes out and entice your reader to also try your product. If you have a PC and an Internet connection (who doesn’t?) then you can blog and advertise.

Blogging is authentic

In this day and age where advertising saturate our lives, we question the credibility of promoters’ claims. However, in blogs, real people share their real-life experiences, unscathed by paid advertising. Reading blogs about first-hand product use is like talking to people about their first-hand experience. You definitely want to buy a tried and tested product.

Blogging is free

Because blogging is yet to be proven as a mainstream online advertising media, most sites see it as something to augment current marketing tools and thus offer it for free. Any opportunity for free webtime is definitely a bonus especially to businesses that are starting up. Needless to say, paid blog pages can generate more income for your seriously growing business.

Blogging builds credibility

As you get more and more into writing your experiences on a particular product or industry, your readers come to realize that they can depend on your posts for their own information needs. As such, you become an expert on it; as a consequence, more readers visit your site and more bloggers link to your blogs. As companies and professional organizations notice the growth of your readership base, they may soon get in touch with you for advertising on your blog page, or make you an affiliate, which pays for every referral generated from your blog site.

Blogging builds your market

Unless you are a Hollywood star, chances are, only your Mom reads your posts. Mom has a lot of friends, so she lets her friends know how interesting your blog site is. But you need not depend on Mom to increase your readership base.

Look into the following ways to build your market through blogging:

  • By using your e-mail.
    Today, blogging is overcoming the e-mail’s popularity in quickly and effectively reaching and expanding a market. In this age of speed and quick access, logging in and downloading e-mail is simply taking longer than clicking into a blog site. Let them explore your site by using a short e-mail message as teaser to your blog site. If your e-mail is on an entirely different subject, use your e-mail signature to give a link to the site.
  • By using subscription.
    An easy way to get your readers e-mail is to give them an opportunity to subscribe to your blogsite. Keep some exclusive information for your subscribers to entice readers to subscribe and give their e-mail address. Just be responsible in using their e-mail address, as the last thing you want is a comment on your blog that you are a spammer.
  • By understanding your readers.
    Conduct a simple survey for your readers to understand their profile and advertising preferences. Ask consumers to give you feedback on a post, an ad link, or a trial that you shared. In this way, it is like interviewing your readers without the commitment and intrusion of a face-to-face interview.
  • By joining a blog network
    A network of blogs maybe a collection of blog sites that share the same industry, interest, readership base, payment mode, etc. Consumers find credibility and convenience in clicking one link to several real bloggers about a single subject. Clearly, more bloggers are better than one.
  • By using RSS.
    RSS is the fastest growing technology on the Internet today. As such, having RSS feeds to your blog is definitely another means of generating awareness for your readership base. Having a variety of feeds can add interest to your blog site.

Tips Generating Traffic To Your Blog

Generating TrafficYou have a blog. You have set your blog up to your satisfaction and you have started making posts. Everything is working the way it’s supposed to. But, where are all the readers? Where is the traffic? After all, we all know that in order to have any chance of success with our blog, we need traffic. Traffic is the key in running a successful online marketing business.

It doesn’t matter if you have a Network Marketing business, an affiliate business or any other online business. Traffic to your site is the key.

In this post CafeBlogger will give you 6 ways that could increase traffic to your blog.

Be a guest blogger.

Writing an article as a guest on others blog will get a whole new set of eyes on your stuff and more visitors to your blog.

Publish Video

Don’t forget Youtube! Posting regular video’s on your Youtube channel can lead viewer’s back to your blog.

Commenting on other Blog

Leaving good comments on other peoples blogs will give you exposure to those blog readers. Leave a decent comment and people will be more likely to see what you about.

Answer questions.

Places like Yahoo! Answers. Where people post questions in any niche. Find your niche and answer a question or 2 or 3. You can leave a link to you blog with the promise of even more information.

Free Stuff

Free is a great attraction for people. Give away a free report, lesson, bootcamp. Anything that gives value given away can be a great source for more readers and more opt-ins.


Forum marketing is a traffic generator. Get involved with a forum, post comments, start a new thread and you will see results.

The Best Ways To Marketing Your Blog

To get a lot of traffic to your blog, you need to be consistent with your marketing efforts. Never give up on something that isn’t quite working to its full capability if you are seeing only little to no results. Because eventually that method of getting you traffic to turn into a predictable and reliable source that will work for you for years to come.

marketing blogIn this article (The Best Ways To Marketing Your Blog), CafeBlogger will take a look at some ways to get traffic to your blog that still works today . If you’re someone who enjoys advertising as a way to get traffic to your blog, then you should know that it isn’t the only way to get traffic. There are other free ways to get traffic to your blog that still works today. Let’s take a look at the first free way to get traffic to your blog that is very effective.

1) Video marketing

Video marketing works, and is very good for driving traffic to your blog. There are milion of people who are using Youtube to drive herds of traffic to their blogs each and everyday, and you can be one of them. What you want to do when you use video marketing is create 2-4 minute videos about topics that are related to your blog.

After creating your video, you will want to include your blog information at the bottom of your video. This will allow users to visit your blog at their leisure and find out more about you. With more visits to your blog, the higher the chances of you earning more money from your blog – and this is a good thing. Let’s take a look at another way to get traffic to your blog.

2) Forum marketing

With forum marketing, you will want to join relevant forums and dish out your expert information in the forums. When you do so, you are giving the opportunity to include your blog information in the signature of your post for others to view. Your forum posts are not the area where you want to advertise your blog. You advertise your blog in your signature line – so keep this in mind.

You can get alot of hits to your blog with forum marketing but you have to remain consistent with it. The trick is visiting the forum each day and making around 2-3 posts daily about topics listed on the forum. After a while you will see that a ton of your blog visitors come from forums, and this will grow to become a cornerstone of your marketing plan.

3) Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a great way to get free traffic from Search Engine to your blog. One way to get traffic via the search engines is with the “blog and ping” technique. With this technique, you make daily blog posts and ping your blog via the popular pinging services. One such service is,,, and it is excellent for getting your blog found via the search engines.

You will also want to optimize your blog around your keywords and use proper “keyword density” when making your blog posts. This is an excellent way to get traffic to your blog, and is something that shouldn’t be ignored.

All 3 of these methods of getting free traffic is a great way to increase your blog revenue. Be sure to start using them today in order to earn the kind of revenue that you are looking for from your blog.

Common Affiliate Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

You may be looking to start an affiliate program, or maybe you have started but seem to be failing.
Before you call it quits, make sure that you are not making some common mistakes that can lead to ineffective affiliate marketing campaign.

affiliate marketing mistakes

Choosing an Affiliate Program for the Earnings ONLY

Choosing affiliates based on earning can lead to some miserable failures. The affiliates that work best are the ones that you are interested in and the ones that are related to your business. The ones that are a good match for you are the ones that will be successful in the long run.

Giving Up Early in the Game

You may find some set backs in the beginning of your affiliate marketing. Try not to get so discouraged that you drop out and never try again. Affiliate marketing takes effort over time to really see success. Don’t give up; if you treat it like a business, it will eventually pay off.

Spreading Your Budget Too Thin

It may seem like a good idea to invest a little bit of your budget in several different networks. This, however, will not get you the results you are hoping for. You will see much better results if you invest in one or two networks when you are just starting out. Really focus on these two, and once they are established and are working for you, you can spread your focus out a little more.

Failing to Keep Track of Everything

In order to market with affiliates successfully, you must track your ad responses. You can do this with special landing pages and by watching the use of coupon codes and special promotions. This will help you know what it working and what isn’t.

Choosing Unknown Affiliates

Success of your affiliate program depends on the amount of clicks on your ad. In order to get clicks, you must have ads that interest visitors. The better known brands are the ones that will get the most clicks, so if you have an unknown business that you are affiliated with, you are unlikely to get many clicks.

Promoting a Product You Have not Used

If you are promoting your affiliate’s products or services, you should at least try them out first. In fact, if you do use the products and find them to be fantastic, then you could choose them for an affiliate even if they are not well-known. However, if you are not checking out the quality of your affiliate, you may run into some problems. Stick to the those that you know and have tested.

Affiliate marketing can be very rewarding if you take the necessary time to make it so. Don’t fall victim to these common mistakes and be patient. You will see the pay off soon enough.

How to Use a Blog to Promote Your Business

For some people, the idea of blogging is a relatively new one. To others, blogging seems to be just a way of sharing diary entries.

promote businessHowever, for many people, blogging can mean effectively promoting a business. If you do it right, your blog can even be your business.

Step 1. Write content that is interesting to you and that will interest others

If your business is selling candy, then you will probably have a lot to say about candy. So write a blog about types of candy, making candy, what candy to use for certain parties, or whatever will interest your audience. You should also use photographs and video whenever you can.

Step 2. Create content that search engines will find

Make sure that you are registered with the major search engines. Also find out what each search engine looks for. Most of them scan the top third of your content, so place your keywords towards the top.

Step 3. Release blog entrees on a regular basis

Try to schedule a few times a week to blog. This ensures that your readers will come back for more. Some blog sites allow you to set a time to release an article so that you can write when you are inspired but wait to publish.

Step 4. Interact with your followers

Be sure to read and comment on your reader’s comments. This shows that you are interested in them as well.

Step 5. Participate in the broad blog community

Comment on others’ blogs as well. You can become well-known in your industry by simply making smart comments on blogs.

Step 6. Sell ad space in a tasteful way

Once you are getting plenty of traffic to your blog, you can sell ad space. This can bring in a few dollars or quite a lot more if you have a rather large audience.

Step 7. Promote your website

Now that you have set up a successful blog site, you can use it to promote your corporate website. Link your blog and your website, and anytime you mention your business in your blog entrees you can link it to a web page.

Blogging is not only a very effective way to advertise your business but also an inexpensive marketing technique. Just keep in mind to provide relevant, helpful content so that readers will value what you have to say and, therefore, value your business.