10 Ways To Make Readers Comment On Your Blog Posts

There are many blogs that I read. At times I like what I’ve read and at times I don’t like. Depending on the situation I make comments on the blogs. Many a times, I don’t comment on blogs! At certain times I like the post I’ve read, but still I don’t comment!

commentWhy? Why are you acting foolish? Are you stupid? These are the questions that might arise in your mind. But I am right at my point. And many bloggers are also like me, who don’t comment at blogs that they read regularly. Why should I comment at a place where no one is listening to me? Why waste my time at a place, where my views won’t get any attention or replies? are the few reasons that are given by people for not commenting at the blogs they read. So how to make readers comment on your blog posts? Let me tell you how to encourage comments in your blog.

10 Ways To Make Readers Comment In Your Blog Posts.

  1. Make Posts Interesting: Many people come in a blog in search of something new and interesting. When they find something new and interesting, they comment on it and share their views. Else, they don’t comment! It’s as simple as that. Make your posts interesting and make the reader comment on your post.
  2. Encourage The Reader To Comment: This is a common reason why people don’t comment on your blog. People reading your posts want something in the post that should make them comment. You should always ask your readers to share their views with you.
  3. Ask Questions To Your Readers: At the end of the post ask questions to your readers. Just a simple “Did you like the post?” or “Any questions?” or “Asking them to share your views” will do. Readers just want that someone should ask them something to which they can reply. You should initiate a conversation and let your readers carry on it!
  4. Make Commenting Easy: Use easily visible forms in your comments. Use simple forms with easy options. Make the comment form appear different from rest of the site content.
  5. Do-Follow Links: Always keep the user comment URL’s do-follow! All the commenter URL’s in my blog posts are completely d0-follow. Its like a thank you gift. If users spend their time commenting on your blog posts, why not give them a gift in return? Giving back links is the vest gift for commentators!
  6. Use CommentLuv: I came to know about this plugin by a few blogger friends of mine. After I began using this plugin, many users comment in my blog. This plugin is very useful. This plugin displays the latest post from the users blog in his comment. This makes the commentator get a backlink to his post. This is yet another way to encourage comments in your blog posts.
  7. Answer To User Comments: I’ve seen many blogs where reader comments go unanswered. This discourages the reader from commenting further in that blog. So always respond to reader comments and retain readers.
  8. Offer Some Prizes To Top Commentators: Many bloggers give 125×125 banners to top commentators in their blogs. This is a nice way to encourage comments in one’s blog. Also displaying a list of top commentators with a link to their site encourages user comments in your blog.
  9. Return Comments: When a person comments on your blog, take time and comment on his blog. This makes him feel good and then you may get a regular commentator in your blog.
  10. Your Views: This is your place! Please share your views here with us!

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