Auto Tweet your Blog Feeds with Feedburner Socialize

ny of us are aware of auto tweet, auto tweet is a feature to tweet your latest blog feeds to your twitter account automatically, there are so many twitter apps using which this is possible, till today I was using Twitterfeed but from today I will be using google’s socialize to use this service google has added a new feature in feedburner Socialize see the instructions below to setup your own auto tweet using socialize feature in feedburner.

Login to your feedburner account, click on Publicize > Socialize and add your twitter account.

Feedburner Socialize


Add twitter Account

Once you click on Add a twitter account under socialize tab, you need to authorize access to your twitter account by clicking on Allow button.

Authorize Access to Twitter Account

Once you have authorized. Click on Activate to start auto tweeting feature of feedburner.


Active Auto Tweet

Hope many bloggers will use this new initiative from search engine giant Google.

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