Best Social Networking List

best social networkingYou know have hundreds of thousands social media/networking websites on the internet. However, not all of them are useful for you. This article Cafeblogger will help you distinguish the good and bad ones.

Why you use social networking?

There are generally 3 purposes :

  1. Make friends
  2. Share news
  3. Achieve your business goal – such as traffic generation, products promotion, affiliate creation, etc.

If your aim at reaching the goals list above, Cafeblogger personally recommend 10 social media / networking websites, the list is here:

  1. Twitter – One of the best social media sites, good for make friends.
  2. Facebook – the world’s most popular social networking, approximately 400 million members.
  3. Digg – the best social bookmarking on the internet.
  4. – another best social bookmarking.
  5. Stumble upon – I like it.
  6. Google buzz – the next big one.
  7. Myspace – the best place for paid ads.
  8. Youtube – the world’s largest and most popular online video sharing place.
  9. Yahoo! Buzz – huge traffic.
  10. Squidoo – google love it as it’s own site, a profitable marketing place.

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