Content Versus Back-Links

As you look around all the different SEO-related articles on the web I am sure you have come across many sites that say “Content is King” and many sites that just talk about back-links and page rank. Ultimately, you can not have one without the other and in this post I will help you understand a bit better why you need to have both great content and great back-links to control the #1 spot in search results.

Content is King

We hear this over and over again.Why? Because it is true. In the past you could own a blog and get some links pointing to your site with some key-terms, add some meta keywords to your posts and optimize your title tags and you would be ranking up with the big guys on search results. However, these days, search engines (especially Google) run in a completely different way then they did just a few years ago. Content is becoming more and more important for you to rank well. I could sit here and lecture all day about the importance of content, however, I am going to provide you with a much easier to read list on why content is so important.

  • People want to read good content so they will comment on your blog, share it and possibly sign up for your updates
  • Google loves sites with more content and less code
  • Content is faster to load then blogs filled just with images
  • Duplicate content will “murder” your SEO efforts – keep all your posts completely unique
  • More content = more blog posts = more chances of ranking for different terms
  • Great content results in Great back-links


Back-links are also super important for ranking well on search engines. When you are starting out,  you’ll need some links from trusted sources so the search engines can find and start indexing your blog. After that increasing the amount of quality links to your site will greatly help improve your domain trust, ranking and ultimately your rankings on search results. Below are some reasons and rules about back-links.

  • Natural back-links caused by people liking your content then linking to it are the best kind
  • Great content can result in all the back-links you need
  • Don’t pay for back-links – if your blog provides  value you won’t need to
  • Don’t link to other “spammy” sources and try to get back-links from very well trusted places
  • Social media is a great way to get back-links
  • Commenting on blogs can help you not only get tons of back-links
  • Back-links can’t really hurt you – the more the merrier!

Matt Cutts Video Regarding Content vs. Back-Links

What do You Think? Content or Back-links?

So what do you guys think is more important? Do you think you should start out with some really great content then try and get links or start out by getting links to your site first to help your little bit of crappy content rank well?

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