How to Choosing An Affiliate Program

When you start your affiliate marketing business, one of the first things you’re going to have to do is find a product to promote through a company that has an affiliate program.
Many times, new affiliate marketers make the mistake of just signing up to every affiliate program the find, grab the affiliate link, and start pasting it everywhere without even reading the details of how the affiliate program works.

choosing an affiliate program

To ensure that you are the most effective with your time and effort, avoid these mistakes when your choosing an affiliate program:

A Worthwhile Commission

One very important aspect of affiliate marketing to remember is that it takes the same amount of effort to promote a $200 product or service as it does to promote one that is $25. Define your goals and choose products and niches that you can make a healthy income from when you start making sales.

Real Time Statistics

When you’re testing new affiliate campaigns, it’s extremely important to split test, and watch statistics like a hawk until you find just the right combination that brings in high conversions on a regular basis.  At the very least you want an affiliate program that provides real time statistics and not old, irrelevant numbers.

Support And Tools

These days, you shouldn’t settle for having to wait any more than 24 hours for an email reply from your affiliate program if you ask a question. If possible, it’d be even better to find an affiliate program that has 24/7 support and can get back to you within a few hours if they don’t have live support.  To get a feel for what it would be like if you had a problem, ask a few questions before you sign up to the program to evaluate their support.

You also want an affiliate program that has fresh promotion tools and offer a wide variety so that not every website in the niche that promotes this product ends up using the same creatives. Some affiliate programs even offer custom affiliate graphics and other tools if you can prove that you can bring in consistent sales.

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