Overview of Delicious

What is Del.icio.us?

Del.icio.us is a social bookmarking website owned by Yahoo! that can help users save, share and find online content such as blog posts.

deliciousHow Does Del.icio.us Work?:

Del.icio.us works like an online bookmarking system. Just as you bookmark web pages in your Internet browser, you can bookmark them through Del.icio.us using tags. Rather than only being able to access your favorite websites from the browser on the computer where you saved them, you can access them online from any computer using Del.icio.us.

The Social Aspect of Del.icio.us

Users register to use Del.icio.us and save content to their accounts (i.e., bookmark or tag it). Unless a user sets up his or her account to be private, all of the content that user saves to Del.icio.us can be viewed by anyone who visits the Del.icio.us website. Other users can search tags to find content they’re interested in or even subscribe to feeds for popular tags.

As with other social bookmarking sites, Del.icio.us users can befriend each other and tag each other’s content to draw more attention to it.

The Benefits of Del.icio.us

Del.icio.us is very easy to use. When you register for a Del.icio.us account, you are given the opportunity to install two Del.icio.us buttons to your web browser’s toolbar. The first button brings you to your list of saved bookmarks, and the second allows you to tag any web page to your Del.icio.us bookmarks with one click of the mouse.

Del.icio.us is also a great way to find content of interest, because you can easily search using relevant tags. Having the ability to subscribe to feeds for your favorite tags makes it even easier to find content of interest.

The Negatives of Del.icio.us

The power of Del.icio.us comes from the relevancy of the tags people use. Unfortunately, many users try to spam the system or simply use poorly chosen tags, so it’s sometimes necessary to search through irrelevant content to find the hidden gems (or at least, content that you’re interested in).

It can be difficult for a single piece of content to get noticed on Del.icio.us. Hot topics or bookmarks submitted by people who have connected with a large number of other Del.icio.us users and built relationships with those users have a better chance of making it to the front page of Del.icio.us than those acting alone.

Should You Use Del.icio.us to Drive Traffic to Your Blog?

Del.icio.us should certainly be a part of your social bookmarking plan to promote your blog, but don’t rely on it to bring in torrents of traffic.

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