Secret of link building : Be a top commentator

CommentatorCafeblogger understand Matter of fact, the more popular the blog is it being “NoFollow”. So how do you build those backlinks when NoFollow is in place?

Secret of link building is comment (not spam) regularly and aim to be listed in a Top Commentator spot whenever such plugin is available.

Think of it being in someone’s else blogroll without the need to beg  as we sometimes do or a chance to advertise for free. How does that sound to you?

Benefits of being a Top Commentator

  1. Cost-free advertising,
  2. Better awareness of your blog, being on the top spot grabs everyone’s attention.
  3. Site-wide inbound link which is good in the eyes of Google,
  4. Increase your Technorati Rank & Authority
  5. Opportunity to get rewarded for being in the top spot.

Now you will have a question is how do you find those blogs with Top Commentator?

Yes, not all blog will reward their regular commentators but finding those with Top Commentator in place is no longer that time-consuming.

You can use Dofollow driver tools, it’s will help you easily search for blogs that you can comment on which give a link back to your site.

As an extension of its search tool, it has included blogs with CommentLuv, (which grabs your most recent blog post and puts it as a link in the comment) and the Top Commentator, (which gives a site-wide link on the blog to the top commentators of the blog).

When you comment on those blogs DoFollow, CommentLuv  and Top Commentator are available in the like of this blog, not only you get free advertising and site-wide link by being in the top commentator spot, more importantly you will get triple backlinks which translate into better search engine rankings. Just be sure that you are actually making an effort to contribute to the discussion and not spamming to be ahead of anyone else.

Tip: Since most the top commentator spot is reset every month, it’s best to grab the spot early in the month and maintain your consistency throughout.

So if you have not been a regular commentator here on Cafeblogger or in other blogs, you’d better start commenting more and building that backlinks for better search engine rankings. After all, it doesn’t take too much of your time and you can also learn a great deal from others in the process.

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