Tips For Creating Killer Content For Your Blog

killer contentThe phrase “Content is King!” is a resounding statement in the blogosphere which has been used probably over a million times. Yet it still remains as truth, since a blog’s value really is determined by the quality and timeliness of information it produces. For many bloggers, consistently producing posts that always captures readers’ attention is at times a very daunting task; and with 95% of bloggers in the industry failing, we begin to see really how difficult it is and how much effort is required to be successful at blogging.

I have a few techniques that I need to share with you that will help you to be 10 steps ahead of the game and secure your status as pro-blogger.

1. Be Inspired!

Inspiration comes in many ways and from many people. Truly inspired writing is what usually changes lives or really gets someone to think deeply about the subject at hand. Forget about the get rich quick stuff, that will not last. If you decide to blog seriously then you will need to take some serious steps to get where you want to be. Why write something that has been regurgitated a hundred times over? Listen to the pros, watch and learn from them rather than solely wish you could be like them. Take their experiences and use them to propel you forward.

2. Be Awesome! – Use Graphs, Graphics & Research Material

So you’ve got a big story to tell. Maybe its about social media, the latest trends in the blogosphere or just some new developments in your niche. Don’t tell the same story in the same way it is elsewhere on the net. Get actual figures from a reporting authority, create and use infographics, show trend graphs, do comparisons or anything else that makes your story insightful, informative and delivered in such a way that is not found on any other blog. Go the extra mile to give your audience extra reasons to stay and continue reading your blog.

3. Proof Read Before Publishing

This one will save you lots of embarrassment; trust me I’ve been there. I dislike reading a blog and need to be doing any form of translating to understand what the writer is trying to say. This looks really bad and shows that you don’t care enough for your audience to write a clear and concise article. Most errors are avoidable if we double check before posting. Readers will be very judgmental about you as a blogger if many grammatical and typographic errors litter your articles.

4. Make a Physical Note of All Post Ideas

Honestly, almost everywhere I go I take a notepad with me. I know we’re in the high tech age of mobile electronics but I can’t seem to live without my pen and paper. Having a notepad handy will help you to be always thinking and helps you to better record unique ideas. Throughout our days, we may see and hear things that help us to form post ideas and even offer some enlightenment. Be ready to write your notes when this happens. I’m no psychologist but I’ve noticed that my creative juices flow much better when my pen and notepad is in sight. I always have something to write about. So give it a try!

5. Work On Your Grammar & Vocabulary

I know that most of us have our own challenges at different stages where this is concerned but we need to strive to write with proper grammar and appropriate use of words. There is no excuse for not improving grammar and vocabulary. If you were able to start your blog then you should have access to and the endless resources on the web. There is never a time when I’m writing a post and not use that site. There is always room for improvement and we have all resources within our reach; so use them. Poor grammar will threaten the quality of your posts and readers are less likely to share them.

6. Learn To Connect With Your Readers

Yes, you may be writing technical manuals or tutorials for your blog but that does not mean that your choice of words and demeanor should be robotic. Have a little personality, write in your natural tone and use “you” as though you are speaking directly to your readers rather than just general statements. This will do wonders for your dedicated readership. Ask questions, make suggestions and reply to your comments. Your audience should feel compelled to leave a comment and interact with others on your site.

7. Read Lots of Books

Read a few books related to your niche every month or as much as your time permits. The more you read and learn, the stronger your expertise becomes. Know your niche like you know yourself (Hopefully you’re in tune with yourself). This will set you apart from the average blogger who is just like everyone else. You will find that you quickly become the “guru” and produce content that all the scrapers and wannabes want to copy.

8. Easy To Read Formatting

If you have a 1,000 word post to write don’t write it all flowing in one huge paragraph. Include sub-headings for separating your points. Use images to ease the tension on your readers’ eyes; images are easier for the brain and more interactive which will keep your audience reading.

9. Write With Solid Objectives

Why do you blog? Is it just for the sake of writing or are you trying to get your readers comment, change their lives or purchase a product. Decide what you need to achieve through your writing before you start writing. This gives you focus and direction and will result in a higher level of reader interaction.

10. Get to work!

That’s right get to work. You’d be surprised at the massive amount of bloggers who fail because they refuse to take the next step. Persistence in the right direction will lead to success. I know all the techniques listed above will take huge chunks of your time initially but its well worth it; your readers will thank you and you’ll begin to notice more bloggers linking to you and your traffic will be your proof.

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