Tips for Marketing with Email Newsletters

email marketingEmail newsletters are coming back into style. Unfortunately when they originally began a few decades ago, they did not have the same challenges that they encounter today.

The biggest opposition to your effective email newsletter is spam. Spam has made subscribers leery of emails, which means that you may have to try a few of the following tips to really get your emails off the ground.

Tip #1: Send your email newsletters at least once a month

With the amount of spam emails that show up in inboxes, it is important that your customers recognize your email newsletter. Often subscribers will forget that they signed up to receive emails from your company, and they may reject your email newsletter because of it. One way to avoid this issue is to send your email newsletter more frequently. Make sure to send out your newsletters at least once a month.

Tip #2: Have your subscribers confirm their email address

When your subscribers confirm their email address a few things will happen. One, they are instantly brought back to your sight and will become more familiar with it. Two, they will see what an email from you will look like. Three, those whose friends signed them up may refuse to confirm.

This may sound bad, however, if you only send out emails to those who truly want it, you will have a more engaged audience. Also encourage them to place your email address in their address book so that an automatic spam program will not delete your email newsletter.

Tip #3: Offer both HTML and text versions of your email newsletter

Many of your email newsletter subscribers will prefer HTML if you offer it. Usually about 20% of your readers that will not be able to open HTML, so for that 20% you should offer both formats to all of your readers. It is not very hard to do and it will be well worth it.

Tip #4: Evaluate your email subject lines if your open rate is less than 60%

It is very reasonable to expect an open rate of 60% or higher for email newsletters to the general public. The average open rate of business to business email newsletters is 69%. So if your open rate is around 50%, you should re-evaluate your headlines.

Many email servers have an automatic spam filter that will be looking for subjects lines that look like spam. Or perhaps your subjects lines are not making your reader want to open them. Try making your subject line an announcement for a sale or a big event; otherwise, think about a subject that will truly interest your readers.

An monthly or weekly email newsletter will keep customers connected to your company. Be sure to take advantage of such an effective marketing tool and use the tips above to ensure your newsletter campaign’s success.

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