Tips Generating Traffic To Your Blog

Generating TrafficYou have a blog. You have set your blog up to your satisfaction and you have started making posts. Everything is working the way it’s supposed to. But, where are all the readers? Where is the traffic? After all, we all know that in order to have any chance of success with our blog, we need traffic. Traffic is the key in running a successful online marketing business.

It doesn’t matter if you have a Network Marketing business, an affiliate business or any other online business. Traffic to your site is the key.

In this post CafeBlogger will give you 6 ways that could increase traffic to your blog.

Be a guest blogger.

Writing an article as a guest on others blog will get a whole new set of eyes on your stuff and more visitors to your blog.

Publish Video

Don’t forget Youtube! Posting regular video’s on your Youtube channel can lead viewer’s back to your blog.

Commenting on other Blog

Leaving good comments on other peoples blogs will give you exposure to those blog readers. Leave a decent comment and people will be more likely to see what you about.

Answer questions.

Places like Yahoo! Answers. Where people post questions in any niche. Find your niche and answer a question or 2 or 3. You can leave a link to you blog with the promise of even more information.

Free Stuff

Free is a great attraction for people. Give away a free report, lesson, bootcamp. Anything that gives value given away can be a great source for more readers and more opt-ins.


Forum marketing is a traffic generator. Get involved with a forum, post comments, start a new thread and you will see results.

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