What Are Keywords?

Do you know what keywords are? You search in Google “To get better search ranks” and your query always ends up in “Use proper and good keywords”. You often get confused, what are these keywords?

keywordWhat Are Keywords?

Keywords are nothing but “Key-Words”. They are the words which are considered most important as per the point of view of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Keywords are the words that are used in the posts for generating traffic through search engines.

There is a rule of mine, “The Better The Keywords, The More Popular Is Your Post”. This means if you use good and sensible keywords in your site and for your posts and for all the other elements of your site you are generally to be in the top of search results and you will get good amount of visitors and thus in a short span of time you will be popular i.e. your blog will be popular.

Are Keywords Necessary Only For SEO?

The answer to this question is no. Keywords are not only important for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Apart from SEO it also has many other uses.

If you use ads in your site, keywords play an important rule in display of these ads. They are used for a site that uses Adsense or Adbrite or any other keyword targeted advertising program in it. Based on these keywords advertisements show in your site. Usually the process is simple. If you have the keyword suppose, blogging in your blog or a post and there is a similar keyword suppose, blogging tips or anything else related to blogging, advertisements will show on your site related to blogging.

Which Keywords Are The Best For My Blog / Site?

Suppose if you want WordPress tips, how will you search for it in the search engines? The words you use here are the best keywords for your wordpress tips site. In other words use only the keywords which users are most probably to search for.

Use keywords only which according to you will receive good rankings in search engines. If your site is of blogging tips and your users search for the same and you use the keyword WordPress tips, you will lose your visitors. Instead they will go to some other site leaving yours and the visitors you receive from keyword WordPress tips will also leave your site as you have used wrong keywords and there is nothing related to WordPress tips in your Blogging tips blog.


Choose the proper keywords for your site or blog and always try improving them. Your site depends on your site’s keywords and you depend on your site. Always remember,

“Using Proper Keywords Is The Easiest Way To Gain Visitors That Are Interested In Your Blog “

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