What is RSS?

what is rssYou visit many blogs. Whatever the blog topic be, there is one thing common you will find in each and every blog. Its the RSS Feed button. Many users often get confused to what is RSS and its use. Questions come in minds of some, what is this RSS? Every site has it. Why? Many often remain confused with this. You know what, when I was new to this blogging world, I myself didn’t know “What Is RSS?”. Now that I know it, I will try helping others who don’t know the same.

What is RSS?

RSS is a short form of Rich Site Summary. It is also known to many as Really Simple Syndication. Its a format for delivering regularly changing web content to your users. Mostly used by news websites and blogs, its use is to provide the users with updates if there are any in the site.

RSS is a technology that enables to be updated of their favorite websites. In years ago when there was no sign of RSS, users had to bookmark the sites they liked and visit them for updates.

RSS Solves Many Problems.

  • Unlike bookmarking, the users have to do very less work. Just click on the RSS link and subscribe. It happens in mostly two or three steps.
  • It is very quick.
  • Unlike bookmarking its neat and tidy.
  • No updates, no messages. So there is no junk old content.

Features Of RSS.

RSS is not alone. It comes feature packed. I like the e-mail delivery feature the most useful. Many services like FeedBurner, FeedBlitz offer them. They are free. Some bloggers might charge you for the e-mail subscription. They are not delivered by Feedburner and or FeedBlitz.

E-Mail delivery system / feature of RSS is a feature that sends you an e-mail whenever the site you are subscribed to is updated. If there are no updates, no e-mails. So no junk too.


Mostly RSS can be read on modern browsers. But there are specific tools for it. Some of them are  Google Reader and Bloglines. These are the best for reading RSS. They look neat and tidy and are very easy to use.


RSS comes in all sizes and types. Some are integrated in the posts in the websites or blogs. Modern browsers have a RSS button in the address bar and or in some other place in the browser. This makes it easy to subscribe in any site. The buttons displayed are only few examples. There are almost a thousand times of these designs available. The most common is the orange one with stripes. It is mostly found in all the sites. Many prefer that button.

Hope, you have got enough and much information about RSS. Its uses. Its types and variety. And its many innumerable features. Enjoy using RSS!

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