Writing Great AdWords Copy with 20 Tips

Writing Great AdwordsMake no mistake. Copywriting is the glue that holds an AdWords campaign together. You can have the right keywords, place the right bids, and even have great products and services, but if you don’t have powerful copy, your campaign stands little chance of being successful.

When it comes to writing AdWords copy, there are 2 main components: copy for the ads and copy for the landing pages. Below, you’ll find 20 tips that will help you improve your copy so you can get more clicks and more conversions.


  1. Use strong words- Searchers need to be snapped out of their passivity. You need to sell them some sizzle. Use powerful words that grab their attention, like: free, guaranteed, discover, today, limited time, improve, increase, exclusive, and you.
  2. Place keywords in the right spots- When you include keywords in your ads, the keywords searched for will be bolded in your ad copy. This allows your ad to get noticed. Include keywords in your headline, ad copy, and even display URL.
  3. Sell the benefits- The only thing customers want to know is what’s in it for them. How does your product or service benefit them? Explain this clearly and briefly.
  4. Have a strong call to action- Searchers need to be motivated to click on your ad. Simply put, you need to tell them what to do. Your call to action should be simple and clear, like “Get Your FREE Consultation Now!”
  5. Include your USP- What makes you different from the competition? What’s the one reason people should buy from you? Focus on your unique characteristics to make your ad different.
  6. Harness the power of ellipses- Those 3 simple dots can entice readers to click on your ad to get more information. For example, “Read This Before You Hire a Houston Electrician…”
  7. Try keyword-rich display URLs-I mentioned it earlier, but it’s worth repeating. Instead of using a generic URL, try putting the target keyword in there, like this: www.yoursite.com/keyword. I’ve seen many split tests where this simple change garnered a lot more clicks.
  8. Include seasonal offers– Seasonal headlines make your ad feel current and relevant. They also create a sense of urgency. Even if your product isn’t seasonal, you can still use this technique effectively. “Home AC Installation Memorial Day Sale. Free install on all orders.”
  9. Ask a compelling question- A question can grab the searcher’s attention and help make your ad more interactive. “What’s the secret to making $10,000 in 2 weeks?” Or “Want to get out of debt fast?”
  10. Always be testing- Never stop testing out different versions of your ads. The smallest changes can make the biggest impact.

Landing Pages

  1. Start with a strong headline The headline is the first thing someone sees after clicking on your ad. This is your chance to hook the new visitor and to keep them moving forward to conversion.
  2. What is a conversion?-Speaking of conversion, what do you consider a conversion? Do you want people to place an order now? Do you want them to schedule an appointment? Sign up for your newsletter? Identify this action so you can measure the results of your AdWords campaign.
  3. Keep your call to action short and clear-Now that you know what you want people to do when they come to your landing page, you need to tell them to do so. Conversion determines call to action. Also, try repeating the call to action about once every screen view so that people can always take action no matter where they are on your page.
  4. Use bullet points to highlight key benefits-Online users tend to scan content rather than read it word for word. By placing the most important information in bullet points, you make it easy for the reader to instantly see what’s in it for them.
  5. Place the most important information above the fold-According to a recent Nielsen study, people spend about 80% of their time above the fold on websites. In other words, they don’t like to scroll down. So, put your offer up top where everyone sees it immediately.
  6. Start paragraphs with main idea-To further accommodate scanners, you should start each paragraph with the most important information. This helps to put the key points up front, rather than burying them where most people won’t read them.
  7. Include testimonials- Online customers have their scam detectors turned all the way up. They don’t trust you. But they do trust their fellow customers. Use testimonials from satisfied customers to gain credibility.
  8. Eliminate risk-Again, customers are always fearing they’ll be scammed and ripped off. That’s why you need to remove as much risk as possible. Offer a strong money-back guarantee that helps them feel they have nothing to lose.
  9. Beware of choice paralysis-Too many choices actually cause the customer to get overwhelmed, making no choice at all. Don’t give landing page visitors a lot of options. Keep it simple!
  10. Always be testing-Just like with your ads, landing pages also need to be tested. Try testing out slight tweaks to see what you can do to get more conversions.

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